The same, but different

Now this is interesting.

After last week’s disastrous O2 network issue, hoards of angry customers reacted negatively against the brand.

Compare this to giffgaff: a smaller, community-owned and operated network (currently asking for consumer’s suggestions on their The Big Bang Theory sponsor ads).

giffgaff piggyback on the O2 network, so they were equally affected by the issue, and yesterday announced that all customers would be compensated with an extra 10% on top-up credits.

Not only are hoards of calm and reasonable-sounding giffgaff users not complaining, they are going after those customers who do complain: “Members do not deserve anything more than what we get, so I will not be topping up … as I feel I get a good enough deal already” (You can read some of the comments here.)

In some ways the two companies are the same. Both are owned by the same network and both suffered a significant blip in service.

But the relationship they have with their customers couldn’t be more different.


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  1. There a two thoughts that I can add to to this, one is that if people need to make complaints it is better done with a sense of compassion as opposed to ‘off the cuff anger’ (although anger can be constructive if addressed in the most mindful of ways). Brits are generalized as a bunch of whingers and complainers, it is in our DNA but we need not be like this. When issues like an ‘outage’ happens I see no reason for being angry with the company concerned. I suspect that those who did complain are the type of people who are so conditioned to their mobile phones that they feel vulnerable and insecure when such an object cannot be used, almost akin to sucking on their dummies only to rant when it falls out of their mouths. I remember a time before it was common for us to communicate with mobile devices and just by face to face talk and not finger texting etc. It is possible to survive while there is an outage.

    When problems arrive with technology and customer issues, it is better to be calm and understanding that ‘issues happen’. By being calm and comprehensible of the fact that issues will pass and services will resume you will be helping yourself to ‘communicate’ much better within yourself and with others.

    The second thing I would like to mention is that of relationship between customer and company. Giff Gaff are doing much to be cooperative with customers, offering a human face and voice to a service which is a fantastic way of spearheading change for the better in a greedy market place. Never in my entire 20 years of using the ‘Orange’ network have I ever encountered a voluntary apology and compensation when things should go wrong. Giff Gaff are different and this is why I am happy to be with such a inclusive customer led approach approach to business.

    It is this example of transparency and user involvement in a company that differentiates Giff Gaff from the sycophant types of marketeers who are only too ready to strike at your wallet and indeed whole life with their lust for greed. Be assured that Giff Gaff is different in that it offers a holistic and ethical approach to business. Giff lead the way in greedy world to be a company who offer great standards, ethics and customer satisfaction; long may they be present in my life and others who deploy a discerning wisdom.

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