Product announcement slightly underwhelms middle classes

High income individuals around the world have claimed they are ‘slightly underwhelmed’ by the latest product launch from a US-based technology firm, which has introduced a phone slightly bigger than the last phone which was slightly bigger than the one before that.

The annual “Event” is often the only thing this emotionally-deprived community has to look forward to, with many staying up late to live-stream a man in a black polo neck while he points at singers from up-and-coming rock bands.

But this year, the launch has sparked waves of moderate disillusionment. One man, who has an important job in Social Media, stated:

“I just feel… kind of empty inside. Like my pockets.”

Another said:

“It’s not often our community has to deal with this amount of shrugging. A helpline has been set up for those affected. You can pre-order the number on a website.”

This is not the first time the company has upset people with incremental improvements and imaginary new products. A commentator commented:

“No comment.”

Only time will tell if the delicate middle classes will survive this niggling sense of mild dissatisfaction.


But what do YOU think?

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