Emily (winner of Faber Academy #QuickFic)



Why do dey walk?

Flap flap wings.

Dat one say it hungry.

I give it bread.

It like bread.

Not crust.





Look mummy.

Silly piggeen.


Where mummy, pijun?

Pijun don’t know.


Dat not mummy’s legs.

Dat not mummy’s legs.

Piggies eat my bread.

I hungry.

Dat not mummy’s legs.

I like play with pgeuns.

What your name piegun?

My name is em ill ee.

I take you home.

Look after you.

You sleep with my teddy.

He called ben jy man.

Dat not mummy’s legs.

One day daddy went on hollydee holiday.

His legs go out door.

He walk fast.

Mummy cry.

She still sit on stairs and cry.

I want cry now.

Do piggeeens cry?

Have tiny eyes.

Small tears.

Like me.

I want my mummy.


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